Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging Time!

Hello my new blogger friends, this is my FIRST time actually creating a blog and it feels good. All summer my friend Sharon was addicted blogging, and I always wondered why. And now I have discovered why… its actually really fun. Before I liked just reading a lot of blogs about fashion and new R&B music, but commenting back about the posts was not my style. Now that I have my own blog site I can say what’s on my mind, write about what I like, share to you the most memorial times of my life so far, and more importantly just do me. I’m excited for this! I remember when I was eleven years old, and I had a diary. It was a purple hardcover Winnie the Pooh with the lock and the key. I used to do everything in that thing! Draw, cut and paste pictures from the flyers, write about what happened in school, write about my boy crushes, my troubles, and list off my Christmas wish list. It was just something I could to do when I was bored, sad, upset, or frustrated. Writing about the big or even little problems I encounter as an eleven year old girl made me discover it truly helped express the way I was feeling. So now, lets just say this blog is my ‘personal diary’ where I can express myself. I’ll be blogging every single day so make sure your read every day! -NDA.


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